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   Please feel free to contact Camp Time® Inc. by phone, fax, letter or email:
Camp Time® Inc., 3310 North Tschirley Road, Spokane,  Wa. 99216
                                                 Phone- 509-928-3051
                                                 Fax -    509-927-9937


    About Camp Time® Inc.   Camp Time® was founded in 1980 by its CEO "Dave" who took a challenge from his buddy "Mel" to develop a new type of  portable table without all those sharp corners that scratched holes into the tubes of  their inflatable boats.   Mel said:  "Dave! You won't be able to get the price low enough to attract enough buyers to make a business viable".   And 20 years later Dave said  "Well Mel, we're still here but it has been a real challenge"!   
    Today, Camp Time®'s hungry crew including Dave's Sister "Margaret" make all those nice Roll-A-Table®s,  Roll-A-Cot®s,  Roll-a-Stool®s, and Roll-A-Chair®s right here in Spokane, Washington.
   It is Camp Time®'s continuing goal to keep producing the highest quality, most portable and best camp furniture right here in the USA.

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