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Roll-a-Stool® for Disc Golf has a brand new look:

Three layers of polyester mesh give Roll-a-Stool® a great new  "semi-transparent" look. The new seat is also breathable, fast-drying and includes a convenient top carry handle for quick automatic stool closing. Just lift up on the handle and the stool closes automatically.    

See how the legs of Roll-a-Stool are just visible through the 3 layers of 1000 denier polyester mesh. And there is a new Camp Time Logo imprint that looks like a disc. 

Available in Dark Blue, Forest Green, Red or Black !  


Roll-A-Stool® is a full "chair-height" stool that complements the sitting height of Roll-A-Table® and other full size tables.  
     Roll-A-Stool® is one of the strongest  stools ever made:  Each leg is made of oversized 1" diameter tubing.  Each leg is reinforced at its center hinge with a 3" long press fit birch dowels.  Each leg is made with our special aluminum alloy 6005A-T6 with a tensile strength 45,000 PSI.  
  Roll-A-Stool® is very comfortable: The Seat is made of three layers of polyester fabric mesh that are arranged to eliminate seat sag and provide a taller sitting position.  
     Specifications:  Stool size-19"H x15" triangular,  Folded Size- 26.5" x 3" diameter,  Weight- 24 ounces,  Capacity- 250 lbs, Frame- 6005A-T6,   Adjustable Shoulder Strap and Closure Buckle.  Made in USA! 

Roll-a-Stool®'s adjustable shoulder strap make it perfect for hands free carrying ease.



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