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Testimonial:   "received 15 broken bones from a 20' fall,,,what a difference Roll-a-Chair has made in my life,,,I can sit again without pain,,,the back support is perfect,,,the seat is just the right height,,,Thanks for the great product,,, Doug,  Sammamish WA
HIGHEST QUALITY AND MADE IN THE USA:  Aluminum frame is high strength alloy 6005A-T61.  The fabric is a heavy duty 1000 denier polyester mesh that is coated for water resistance both top and bottom.  Hardware is grade 5 steel and Camp Time® manufacturers all its products in Spokane Wa.

 MOST PORTABLE FULL SIZE CHAIR:      Roll-A-Chair's  unique patented folding back allows the chair to convert into a stool and then fold into a bundle that is only 8%  its original size.  Roll-a-Chair's design even incorporates its own closure buckle and adjustable shoulder strap for hands free carrying ease.  Roll-a-Chair is the perfect companion to all your spectator outdoor events and base camps where you want a lightweight and extra comfortable chair that packs and carries easily.

ROLL-A-CHAIR IS COMFORTABLE!  The seat is made with two layers of fabric.  One layer is oriented with its strong grain to support around the edge of the seat and the second layer is oriented with its strong fabric grain to support diagonally across the middle of the seat.  Together, the two layers give superior support over the entire seat without the center sagging characteristic of other camp chairs.
    Pressure from your body on the seat is transferred through the arm straps to the fabric back support where your back is suspended away from all rigid back support tubes like that of a hammock.  
    The combination of a two ply seat and a suspended back support makes the Roll-a-Chair comfortable without excessive weight.

HIGHEST QUALITY:       Roll-a-Chair is made in the USA and all materials are chosen to complement its unique design.  The legs are made of  special high strength marine alloy 5086-H38 from Scottsboro Alabama and work hardened to a tensile strength of 50,000 PSI.  Each leg is also reinforced with a hard-wood dowel at its center hinge.  This combination of  high strength aluminum and hard-wood dowels gives the legs the strength of steel at half the weight. 



SPECIFICATIONS:  Erect size=30"high x 19" seat height x 14" square seat (19" diagonally),  folded size= 27" x 4"dia,  weight 2.5 lbs, capacity 250 lbs,  Patent #59211621


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