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Table Cover for Roll-a-Table®:
                         1)  Custom made to fit any Roll-a-Table
                         2)  Custom made to form a table case
                         3)  Screen printed to form a chess/checkers board
                         4)  Screen printed with the new Camp Time® Mystery Game

* AS A CUSTOM FIT TABLE COVER:  Two fabric sleeves connect to the table's frame to make it windproof.

* AS A CUSTOM MADE TABLE CASE:   Just roll the table up with the cover on the outside of  the roll and tuck the fabric sleeves  into the table as you go!  

* AS A SCREEN PRINTED GAME BOARD:   Play chess, checkers or the new Camp Time Mystery Game.  

* AS THE NEW MYSTERY GAME:   The table cover has been screen printed with a real topographic map puzzle.   Your challenge is to put the puzzle together at: Go Camping. 


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